Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spotlight on upcoming release of The Godling Chronicles #4

The time has come for the world to see the true power of the Reborn King. His vast armies march, bringing death and devastation to all who would dare oppose him. But hope will endure if the bonds of friendship, both old and new, remain strong.
Gewey, split between the man he wants to be and the god he must become, will test his 
very soul in order to fulfill his destiny. And only through his love for Kaylia can he hold on to his humanity.

 About the Author
Brian D. Anderson was born in 1971, and grew up in the small town of Spanish Fort, AL.. He attended Fairhope High, then later Springhill College where his love for fantasy grew into a lifelong obsession. His hobbies include chess, history, and spending time with his son. Jonathan Anderson was was born in March of 2003. His creative spirit became evident by the age of three when he told his first original story. In 2010 he came up with the concept for The Godling Chronicles, that grew into an exciting collaboration between father and son. Jonathan enjoys sports, chess, music, games, and of course, telling stories.

Title: The Godling Chronicles 'A trail of Souls'
Series: The Godling Chronicles #4
Author: Brian D. Anderson
Genre:  YA/Fantasy
Length: Pending
Release Date: August 2013
ISBN-13: Pending
Imprint:Mythos Press

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