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Fredo rated it
First off I just want to say that I devoured this book from start to finish. I truly enjoy sci-fi readings but few are able to capture my attention and this book, from the start, took me on a great journey.

What makes this reading so extraordinary is the mixture of sci-fi, spirituality and real life emotions. Simple and yet so rich in imagination. The characters are so well drawn out and well detailed that I was able to slide myself into the story has one of them.

I read this book every moment I had for myself , in the train going and back from work, on lunch, on brakes and at home. Debbie I just can wait to see what you will bring on next ;)

Erik This Kid Reviews Books
Tommy doesn’t remember his father. He was two when his father left. His mom tells him that his father still loves them, but he can’t be with them. When Tommy’s mother tragically dies in a car wreck, Tommy’s Dad comes to care for him. That’s when Tommy’s life changes completely.

Tommy is whisked away to a space ship and Tommy realizes that his father and everyone on the ship is an alien…and he is half alien! His mother never prepared him for this. Because he is half-alien and half-human, Tommy feels like an outcast. He is even bullied by some of the other kids on the ship. They don’t understand his way of life even though he is trying hard to understand theirs.Tommy’s father loves him very much and helps him to fit in and feel at home and Tommy wants to make this new place his home, but can a half-human kid show the others on the ship that his ways aren’t so different? Tommy also learns of another danger and it has to do with his amethyst-colored eyes - eyes like his fathers. Beings with eyes like Tommy’s have reason to fear for their lives!

This book had a very interesting plot. The story was cool. I really liked how it had a bunch of high-tech gadgets and technology in it. Tommy was the best main character I could want in a book. He was brave, kind, smart and knew how to stand up to bullies. There is some violence but nothing graphic. There’s a creepy part to the plot where these evil aliens want to capture Tommy for his eyes, but it isn’t told in detail and it is only a small part of the plot.I thought the cover art wasn’t the greatest because it’s so dark (you can’t see it too well). The trailer is at the bottom of this post and it’s pretty hard to see too (or at least I think so). I liked how Ms. Brown described Earth and the alien world so well. It was interesting that both worlds had good and bad points. On Earth you have a lot of freedom and can choose to do what you want but there was sickness and violence. On the spaceship, there was no sickness (and supposedly no violence but there still was) but you were pretty much told what to do and what job you would have. It is an awesome action book and has a great message about fitting in.

Jill Swanson
What a great read! Just the right amount of sy fy mixed with slice of life. I can never get enough of space travel :]

There is a review and author interview up on my blog!
Look for it

(I received a copy of Amethyst Eyes from the author as a review copy)

I have given this book 5 stars! I do not give out five star ratings often but I truly think this book deserved it!
I had been looking for a story just like this and then, BAM! I met Debbie Brown and there it was.
This book is science fiction but that in no way means do you have to be a sy fy buff to enjoy it. This book could easily be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life.
Amethyst Eyes is much more than just your typical sy fy read.
The futuristic space world and gadgetry are fantastic! Not to complicated and so believable. Their presence is not so overwhelming in the story that you forget this book is really about a young boy trying to find his place in foreign territory, while overcoming the impact of substantial loss.
You get to grow and connect with Debbie's characters on such a great level!

Tommy's character was not afraid to show emotion, which is something I loved about this book. Often male characters appear so stoic and even, if I dare to say, typical.
From the gripping beginning, where Tommy looses his mother in a car accident, to his new and complicated relationship with his father, the reader is able to relate and feel just how conflicted Tommy must be. As he develops a new understanding of himself and his world, the reader grows right along with him.

Debbie was able to create two worlds for Tommy that were both detailed and believable. She kept Tommy's character and how he fit into his worlds real as well. This was the other thing I really loved about Amethyst Eyes. Tommy remained who he was throughout the story. Often in fantasy and science fiction novels, the characters will enter their new world and suddenly they are vastly different. They develop crazy powers and become an expert on their new surroundings in such a short time. This is where Debbie's characters differ and it made the book so much more enjoyable for me.

I just love it when a book brings "the full experience" to you. This book did just that for me. You never quite know what is in store for Tommy next and it leaves you with just the right amount of questions.
Bring on the sequel!
E. rated it 4 of 5 stars false
I really enjoyed this book. I grew up watching startrek and all with my dad and i do believe this is the first book ive read based mostly in space but it was great. The characters were likeable (tho personally i wouldve flipped more than Tommy did), i liked his dad alot and Jayden is a hoot. The story line was amazing and original and well developed. There was only one part that i had to go back and make sure i didnt miss anything, but after reading further that too made sense. Great job!

As a person who would much rather read a good book than watch TV, I thought that this book was perfect. It led you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, tears, fears, anger and triumphs. The characters, Tommy and Jayden, were true 15 year olds and acted accordingly, which is very refreshing.

Although this book will not please everyone, it is a MUST read for teenagers. It is an easy read with down-to-earth reading that keeps you turning the pages..... Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy.

With thanks to Ms. Brown, I have also learned a few interesting things about survival techniques. Most of us know a few basic survival techniques but she managed to incorporate details that might, you never know, come in helpful.
  • Chapters Indigo:
This is an amazing story that made me wish I was part of Tommy’s world. This book takes you on a great adventure that keeps on surprising you. Even when I thought I knew what was coming, I didn’t. I almost always know what’s gonna happen when I read a book, but not this time. There are so many cool things in this story. Trust me, it’s worth the read!
Amanda Willows 5 of 5 stars
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I recommend this book to all the teachers out there who want to interest our youth to read more - This book will capture their interest and start them off on reading and in understanding the importance an interesting novel can make in their lives.
I give it a 5 of 5 starsrecommendation.
Emily Barber, Rosemère, Quebec
Shiela wrote: "I loved it. it was great.U can't stop reading it .U just want to go on on."
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Oh, this was like a breath of fresh air from the books I've been reading recently. Loved it.

For 15 year old Tommy, life changes completely after his mom dies. His father takes him to live with him. And the cool thing is his dad lives in a ship, how cool is that?
The story takes us through Tommy's journey as he tries to adjust to this new life, a life he was never prepared for (his dad is this feared ship commander). We see through his eyes, how he sees the world around him. There is a legend about Amethyst eyes, and a certain tribe is after him because of that. I wont say much about this, as I would be giving away too much.
The author did a wonderful job with creating character, and descriptive writing. The pacing was well done. I recommend this book to fans of Sci-fi, or anyone looking to begin on the sci-fi genre, both YA and adults.
Lysa Martel-Bigelow
So I am going to be totally honest I am not normally a fan of sci-fi, alien books, or anything of that matter, I am now on chapter 20 of the book, and I am totally in love. I have trouble to put it down at night! Great book!

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Liz Grace Davis, Austria
Amethyst Eyes was the first sci-fi novel I’ve ever read and I enjoyed it very much. This is more than just an adventure into another world. Love and emotions are written between the lines on almost every page. The story is about a teenage boy, To...mmy, whose mother dies in a tragic car accident. Tommy was very close to his mother and Debbie Brown gave the reader a little preview into their daily lives together before the mother died. In just a few pages Debbie made me hear the laughter they’d shared and allowed me to observe the strong bond between them. In just a few paragraphs, I got to know Tommy’s mother and grieved with him when she died. The impact was definitely a lasting one. I was worried when Tommy had to go and live with a father he didn’t know, a very important man on another planet. Tommy not only had to learn about different ways of doing things in a place far away from home, he had to build relationships with people who didn’t understand him or the world he came from. But Tommy is brave enough to give it a try and get to know his powerful father. This story explorers the relationship between an unknown father and his son and it’s both touching and heartbreaking to read.

Amethyst Eyes was especially a delight to read as Debbie Brown is such a talented writer and the pictures she created with the words she chose were just so vivid and alive. Some of the worlds she has created in Amethyst Eyes are alien to earthly beings but she invites the reader in and makes them feel right at home. I didn’t feel like I was on the outside looking in at all. With each word, I became part of the adventure. An adventure I invite you to join.

Thank you, Debbie, for crafting such an amazing story. I look forward to your upcoming novel, Emma, the story of Tommy’s parents.

Codi, United States
I was a little worried when I first started reading this. I don't think I've ever read a strictly sci-fi book, and while I knew that's what this book was when I decided to review it, it still scared me. Along with that, the book wasn't really pulling me into it. So, how on Earth did it get four stars?
It was refreshing to read a book from a boys point of view. A boy that actually acted his age at that! He didn't have to be an adult, he acted like a scared teenager, adjusting to a very new life after the death of his mother.
I absolutely loved the idea of living on a spaceship and with the way the author described it, you actually felt like you were there. She had a way of making everything seem believable, which was shocking.
This book would be great for any sci-fi, adventure lover!
I will most definitely reading the prequel and sequel to this novel.I'm pretty sure Debbie is in the process of writing them now! I should also have an interview with her up soon!

Sarie, South Africa
I was not expecting to really enjoy this book as I was under the impression that I do not like stories involving aliens. I was pleasantly suprised. I really loved this book.
There was not one dull moment. Ms Brown kept me interested and wanting more right up until the end.
I felt for Tommy who was being thrown from one trauma into the next. When he was introduced to Jayden I was really hoping for a close friendship and maybe a little romance to help Tommy settle into his new life, instead he was met with hostility...
I was really expecting them to bond since they shared a similar experience in losing their mothers to accidents recently. Jayden made no secret of the fact that she was forced into helping him with his integration. An she was not happy about it.
Then as soon as Tommy starts feeling more comfortable in his fathers world and start to settle into school he is thrown into more traumatic events and he learn the dangers of being born with amethyst eyes.

I am truly hoping that Ms Brown is planning on writing a sequel as she left the reader with so many unanswerd questions. Not wanting to post spoilers, I will only say that the two biggest questions I am left with is Jaydens mom and the prophecy...

Luke Benoit
This is not a book that I “should” like considering who I am… But I liked it anyway. Somewhere along the line, I have almost lost my ability to read fiction. I am generally not interested in young people
or stories about young people. And I am no science fiction buff.

Without giving any of the surprises away, I really enjoyed this read and the story of this young man and the process he has to go through in losing his mom and adapting to a new life with a Dad he’s never
had before.

The writing style is comfortable, easy and direct. The
emotions of the characters are easy to track with and the
story and the details are imaginative. The characters are well
drawn and appealing, especially the main character in his
struggles adapting and going through changes in living
in literally a whole new world.

Most of all, I just enjoyed spending time in this book
which gave me a warm and comfortable feeling as it
carried me along. I had a sense of experiencing the
author’s personality coming through. In fact, it is very
obvious that this is a very personal story and work
and a labor of love poured full of caring energy.

Very satisfying.
        Kimberly rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The characters are deep and the action sequences are exciting. While the technology is interesting, it doesn’t overshadow the fact that this is a story about people living and growing while facing adversity. The book’s main character, Tommy, is thrust into a new and scientifically intimidating world because of tragic circumstances. I was drawn into Tommy’s exploration of his new surroundings and his growth and couldn’t wait to see what would happen to him next. The history and importance of his unusually colored eyes are carefully revealed by the author a little at a time, keeping the reader intrigued and eager to know the entire truth. This is a great book, for young and old. You’ll find it hard to put down. I can’t wait for the sequel.

        K.F. Ridley rated it 5 of 5 stars
        A Great read that keeps u on the edge of your seat. A definate page turner. 5 well-deserved stars.

        Nicole Bilodeau rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I have purchased Amethyst eyes from Amazon before x-mas… I have taken the time during the holidays to relax and read this book, I must admit with cadets, it’s always difficult for me to take the time…Well, let me tell you…wow, am I happy that I took the time, this book allowed me to see a different dimension of our kids…I loved it and so did my daughter. I can assure you, the next Debbie Brown book, I will purchase, you can be sure of that… Amethyst I would recommend this book to all ages, it’s really worth it. Sincerely, thank you for sharing your writting with us.

        Milaine Chaumont rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I thought this book was amazing. The Author did a beautiful job at connecting real life emotions and drama to an imaginary world. A world with a different culture, where children are just children and are supposed to be silent and innocent.This will all change after the arrival of Tommy, who shows courage and determination and proves to his father how culture on earth allows children to become contributing members of society. I would invite you to read this book and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

        Andy rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I found myself quickly identified to the main character, Tommy, who's life gets turned up side down in the first few lines of this novel. For most people the teenage years are ups and downs and a time where many changes take place but for Tommy it's the discovery of new people, places and ways of life. I found myself always wanting to turn the next page to discover, with Tommy, the new world he had been thrown into. There's a good mix of adventure, mystery and humor. Great read!

        Karey rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I loved this book. I got so into reading it that I was finished before I knew it. This is a great read and definitely worth the time.
        Tommy’s character, his interactions with the others and the new world he finds himself in come alive so vividly. You can’t help but be drawn into this amazing story. There’s just so much going on that I can’t get into it all. You’ll have to discover it on your own. I’m with Blair, I want more.
        Taylor rated it 5 of 5 stars

        Truly fantastic. I was impressed and surprised at every turn. This imaginative work takes you on an incredible adventure while remaining so simple and real. Utterly believable, heartwarming and emotionally complete. You cannot help but fall in love with the characters and their story. You cannot help but want more.I would definately reccomend this book to anyone and everyone, young and old, male or female. I just wish there was more.
        Blair rated it 5 of 5 stars

        Amethyst Eyes is an excellent read that I will recommend to all of my friends! The beginning draws you right into this amazing adventure that is filled with discovery and intrigue. The author has created a very complete, very original world combined with real emotion and real-life situations. At the end of every page, you find yourself wanting to read more. I really hope that there will be a sequel!

        Krisztina B. rated it 5 of 5 stars

        Quelle histoire incroyable! L'auteure a su capter mon attention dès les premières pages!! Impossible de fermer le a été littéralement dévoré. Une histoire remplit de péripéties et d'émotions qui nous plongent dans un tout autre monde. Je rêve encore de cet univers surprenant! Je recommande Amethyst Eyes pour les lecteurs de tous âges. Vous allez adorer!
        John rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I really enjoyed this book. The characters are rich and interesting. You are quickly pulled into their world and dynamics. The book is told from Tommy's POV however you get a good glimpse into those surrounding him. Amethyst Eyes brings you fast paced action, heart felt moments and pretty much everything in between. Time and money well spent! My only regret was that it came to an end. I want to know what happens next.
        Jacques Ouellette rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I just discovered a refreshing new author!
        Reading Amethyst Eyes was a wonderfull experience, the plot brings us into a new reality. A story weaved with intrigue and emotion.. I'm hoping to read someting new from this author soon!
        Jacques Ouellette

        Debbie Ashton-Mills rated it 5 of 5 stars

        I strongly encourage you to pick up this book and join Tommy on his journey.
        You will not be disappointed. The characters come alive and you cannot help but feel for them as you share the adventure. From deep inner turmoil, to an adrenaline rush, or a truly touching moment, you will find it all here. The world created is impressive yet believable.

        Jean-Pierre rated it 5 of 5 stars

        It is a good story !

        Dietrich Krupp rated it 4 of 5 stars
        Georgia Conroy rated it 5 of 5 stars
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        A great read, February 23, 2012
        5 of 5 stars
        Kim Ridley (Mississippi, USA) - See all my reviews
        This review is from: Amethyst Eyes (Paperback)
        A great for YA that can cross over to middle grade. Young readers will identify with Tommy, who faces life struggles and discovers himself in a whirlwind of adventure. and you'll go along for the ride. A definate page turner that keeps you wanting more. A great debut for this new and upcoming author.

        A must read!!!!!!, September 4, 2011
        5 of 5 stars
        This review is from: Amethyst Eyes (Paperback)
        One of the best books ive ever read! You can realy picture all scene perfectly in your mind! A good book that keeps you in the story the whole time! I had trouble putting it down. The author really keeps the readers interested in whats happening and makes you want to always read more and more! All teens and even adults that have a great imagination should have this book in there collection! Enjoy!

        A must read for all ages, Sep 15 2011
        5 of 5 stars

        This review is from: Amethyst Eyes (Paperback)
        What was amazing about this book is how quickly it drew me in! After having read the first few lines, I couldn't put the book down. The author does an amazing job at taking real life feelings and situations and putting them on paper. From beginning to end, you're wondering about what will happen next. I must also add that aside from being an easy read, the book is also very well written!
        READ it!!! You won't regret it. It has everything a great story needs, and more!
        More to come....

        • Barnes & Noble

        Posted November 21, 2011

        You won't be disappointed, it's a great read!

        The book starts with an accident where Tommy's mother dies. From the flashback you get to see how close he and his mom were, and what a loss it is for him. Things happen so fast and before you know it Tommy's dad shows up to take him home to his space ship, since he doesn't come from Earth. Tommy didn't know anything about his father and adapting to his father's way of life is a huge challenge. Jayden is asked to help Tommy catch up and fit in but she obviously doesn't want to do it and her efforts get Tommy into some pretty scary, yet interesting situations. I really liked the things in Tommy's new home. It's an amazing place and the people are really interesting. Getting to know his dad and fitting in to his new home is the least of Tommy's worries when the Binari show up.
        You are just going to have to read it if you want to know what happens, but you won't be disappointed. I really liked this book!

        5 of 5 stars
        I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a story this much.
        I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a story this much. You find everything from page turning adventure to touching moments. A must read.

        5 of 5 stars
        This is a great book
        This is a great book with lots of adventure and great characters. The technology is cool and believable while the emotions are raw. I had no problem getting into it and couldn't turn the pages fast enough.