Thursday, February 27, 2020

Amethyst Eyes 3, the Final Chapter


The final chapter, the final line, that final word, and voila, my story is finally done. This is where I  lean back and close my eyes as a smile spreads across my face. Getting bigger than I ever thought possible. Days later, I'm still on a high as I wait to see the cover art my very talented publisher has come up with. How exciting is that? Trust me, VERY!

There were times I wondered if I would get it done, if there would be some kind of wrap up. Not because I was out of ideas, though. Not in the least. You know how they say that life sometimes gets in the way? Well, this would be an understatement. I had fallen in the stairs, aggravating my already fragile gait, making my last 9 months the most physically challenging (not to mention painful) ever. I could not sit, I could barely stand, and lying down was the worst. Very little sleep, and a lot of challenges to get to where I am. But I never gave up. I couldn't.
I very much wanted, and needed, to climb back into the story and finish it. That's kind of my process. I reread the last bit, and allow the characters to lead the way. All to often, if I hadn't managed to really get back into it, my brain would kick in with negative comments, deflating the already soft raft I was in. But then, something happened. Like it used to, and the whole thing drew in a long overdue breath and took off. What an amazing feeling. You are literally living the unfolding of the story with no clue of who or what is going to show up next. It is the absolute most amazing feeling ever.

Speaking for myself, I think there is no greater adventure than the one a book can offer, outside of real life, that is. Television and cinema do not come close to it, and virtual reality games cannot convey the inner emotions of the other characters. Reading can transport you to new worlds where you develop ties to the characters and feel for them. You get to see, touch, smell and feel an adventure from a book! And you haven't even left your home.
Reading is truly magic.
On a side note...just because, I want to add that I am a paper book kinda girl. I love physical books. However, I truly appreciate my kindles. Yes, I own more than one. The fire, because it can read to me. Amazing, isn't it? I can be driving while someone, in whichever accent fancies me, continues reading the story. This is also great when you have to prepare food for the family. They really do get cranky when the food supply slows. But, I can have the book read to me while I slice and dice. My Paperwhite is awesome for the beach, with bright sunlight or even in the dark. Not hard on the eyes at all. And the best part is that I can bring hundreds of books along with me, everywhere I go, in my pocket! No more torturing myself trying to pick only a few books to bring...because I always had a book with me, somewhere. Even if I was only going to do groceries. Most often, I didn't get a chance to read, and I knew that would likely be the case, but I had to have a book -or books, with me.
No more damaged corners just because I had to bring my book along.

But the stories we find in books, and the stories I have the privilege of putting to paper are blessings. You all know that feeling, when it comes to an end and you close the you very much want it to go on. How your heart aches for a bit more... What a feeling.

Books truly are magic. When I look back over the Amethyst Eyes trilogy, along with Emma, depicting the story of how Tommy's parents met and he came to be, I feel truly blessed to have been part of the adventure. I didn't make it up, I wrote it down. It came to me and spilled out of me onto the page. I had to hustle and try and keep up, frantically typing the words to describe what was happening. (And I am in no way a skilled typist).

What a ride it has been. I sit here and wonder what other stories may be brought forth through me. What other adventures will I embark on with new and unknown characters? I look forward to it.
If ever another adventure begins to unfold, I promise to keep you informed. I wonder where it will take me. Who will I meet? And I cannot help but wonder why it might choose me to bring it into the world, but I will do my best. So, on that, I shall return to my celebrating and in between smiles of happiness and feelings of satisfaction, I will face my keyboard and write whatever comes up, following where it leads as I embark on a new adventure.


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