Behind the Scenes


I wanted to share some facts and details about the worlds I have created.  

Amethyst Eyes

I will even attempt to provide diagrams and images of things like the ship, arboretum and hopefully the aliens described in the series.

Feel free to discuss details, ask questions or just leave a comment.

Here is a quick list of facts for Amethyst Eyes: 

1-Tommy is 15 years old. He has amethyst eyes and metallic gold highlights in his hair, just like his father.
2-His mother, Emma, had been a nurse and a nursing teacher.
3-Tommy lived with his mother about an hour up from Invermere B.C.
4-They lived a green life, growing much of their own food. Tommy was homeschooled because of the distance from his school, and driving in the mountains was tricky in the winter.
5-Ktunaxa Indians do exist, and when Two-Feathers speaks in his native tongue, it isn't gibberish. (You see more of it in the 2 other novels).
6-I don't know if the name Two-Feathers is real, but there is a Grey Wolf golf course in Invermere... (I found this by accident).
7-Dthau-Mahsz (sounds like Dh-ow-mass) is commander of the Phoenix, a Crisis Intervention Vessel. He has one sister.
8-The commander’s people come from a planet (Sirius) orbiting the Dog Star Sirius. (I borrowed this from a legend I found, about our “forefathers” coming from this star…and the cool thing about this legend; when scientists came across it, they found the same tale amongst Native Americans, some African tribes and the Egyptians…back before any of these people had the means to communicate with one another. Maybe they’re right.
9-These people were the first colony seeded by the forefathers, and had been tasked to oversee the well-being and continuation of their sister colonies.
10-They are peaceful people.

 Jayden is a few months younger than Tommy, is rebellious and feisty. She didn’t want to HAVE to help Tommy fit in.


At the start of their adventure,
Aleksei is 15,
Mitch is almost 15
Krisz is 14,
Jamie is 7,
Ally is 5,
J.J. is 10 months old.

Aleksei's parents were missionaries. His mother, a doctor with international relief organizations, his father an engineer and carpenter, working to build schools and such in villages.

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