Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Inspiring Blogger Award

Inspiration is contagious.  It comes in many packages and strikes when least expected.
Thank you so much Emaginette for acknowledging that I “…really help your fellow writer and that’s inspiring.” – her words, not mine, passed on from a previous winner to her and now to me.
The rules: link back to the nominator, state seven facts about yourself and nominate five fellow bloggers for the Inspiring Blogger Award.

My Facts:

1. When I get lost in the world I write, I could stay there for hours.
2.The leaves are changing, it is fall. I am happy wearing a thick wool sweater as I prepare a batch of hearty, homemade soup.
3. Family means everything to me.
4. I love to teach, to show and to share. Watching someone learn brings me great joy.
5. Ineed a hand with marketing.
6. I am grateful for all I have.
7. I have seen the darkest side of man, but I have not broken..though I limp a little now.

The nominees are:

Celine and Ela, their posts are amazing and fun...definately inspiring.
Jamie, love her posts, lots of energy in her reviews.
Erik thr Great, this young man is definately an inspiration.
Liz, wonderful woman, author, university student, wife, and now cover design artist
Jill, for supporting so many authors, and feeding them too

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