Sunday, April 15, 2012

Author Platform

   The other day I came across someone who mentioned going into a bookstore and never giving a second thought to what was involved in the “from writer’s desk to bookstore shelf” process. I had never thought about it before, either.
    An enormous amount of work goes into writing a book, and unfortunately, even more work is required once you intend to market that book, (regardless of how the book is published).
    Do you remember, “If you build it, they will come”? As an author, the it does NOT refer to your book. Think about it…you wrote a book. Why haven’t people started knocking on your door, asking for a copy? Why haven’t bookstores called, sent letters or emails hoping they could have copies on their shelves? In reality, the it refers to your author platform. If you don’t get out there and tell the world about your product, no one will know and no one will buy. When a car company comes out with a new design, they shout it out to the world through television, newspaper, internet, radio, flyers, and any other way necessary to market their new product. They have the power and means to reach out to millions of people. What are you doing about your book?

    You need an author platform.

    Your author platform is just that, a ‘platform’, made to raise you above the others, to make you visible. Maintaining it will soon become a 20 hour/week job. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you need a media kit. You need to create an author and/or a book page on facebook. You should have a blog, a website, use twitter, (and LinkedIn if you are a professional writing non-fiction). Then there are press releases, radio and television, book signings and author presentations…to name a few.
     Now, keep this in mind…It is important to create a professional image. It is important to pace yourself so you can create and keep up with your posts and activities in a professional manner. Don’t over-promote yourself…( vary subjects on your blog/posts/tweets…promote others, talk about book related topics, review other books, have people participate in discussions, share what your working on, share personal snippits and anecdotes, but don’t keep throwing your book in peoples face daily…get creative, have fun, be real. You don’t want to be like that salesman who jumps on a customer before he door has even closed.) Don't be an annoying salesman...have fun being an author


  1. Exactly. The old days are gone and it is up to the writer to do some networking. Just get out there and do it. :-)

  2. I really enjoyed this. I am not a writer but I am doing reviews and I believe if I read more about the whole process I will post better reviews and that will help promote an authors hard work.

    1. Laura, if more reviewers learned bout what goes on it would really help not only authors, but all of your readers as well. You should look at the posts on blog tour etiquette and reviews...
      I am sure there are many authors who have had horrible experiences with reviewers not understanding or not knowing life on this side. Knowing reviewers have an insight into our world is great, especially since reviewers are of the utmost importance to authors.

      Thank you for what you do