Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just Keep on Keeping on...

The other night, when I started this blog post, I was still waiting for the release of my latest novel, Snow Job. Although that was only supposed to be the working title, I got some people who were adamant that I use it...so there you have it. Novel number five has made its appearance before the Holidays. YEAH!

I truly wondered if I was ever going to finish it. Not because I had nothing to write, but because I have yet to sleep through one single night! Yes, you guessed it. Savannah, although two-years-old now, still wakes up several times a night. Each and every night.

There were days I never got to open my laptop. There were weeks I had not found time to write a single sentence. I was beyond frustrated...because there was this story that demanded to be written. And I wanted to know what was going to happen! No...I do not plot and plan how my story will unravel, I let it come to life and write what happens. I am an observer, a reporter.

Fear not, because it all adds up in the end. It all comes together, and the result is sweet. Pure bliss. And to top it off, I really like this story.

Have you had the chance to see the new cover? I 'll even throw in a little excerpt lower down if you're interested.

 My publisher had sent me two covers to start off with, and every time I looked at this one, I smiled. And that is how, or why, I chose this one. I was asked today what genre the story fell into. And I really don't know what to tell you. This one is filled with ongoing action, suspense and a bit of a mystery to unravel as my main character tries to figure out what happened to her and why, and although I have never written a romance novel before, there is an underlying romantic element in the story. 

Maybe, had I set out to write a romance novel, I would be all gung ho about shouting it out. I wrote Sarah's story, and I love how it turned out. 

OK, now how about a little EXCERPT! Now since you can read the beginning of the book on Amazon or B&N or even Kobo, I figured I'd pick a scene from later on in the story. 

Jim stood. “Enough.” He grabbed me by the elbow with a firm hand and led me out of the living room. He stood me up against a wall and leaned in close. “Sarah, these guys have gathered here to try and help. You either cooperate or we’ll drop it.” He rubbed a hand across his jaw. “I called in a favor because my gut is telling me that your life is in danger.” He pointed with a thumb over his shoulder towards the living room. “They have lives and families. So before we go any further, do you want our help or not?”
I clenched my fists out of frustration. I wanted to scream. I turned full circle upon myself before letting out a breath. “Let me try and explain it to you. If I accept your help, it would mean acknowledging that my life was in danger.” I shot him a desperate glance. “And that scares me a lot more than I care to admit.” My voice quivered. I lowered my eyes, letting out a breath of defeat. When I dared face him, he was still staring at me…waiting.
“I need you to be clear on that, Sarah. I won’t put any lives at risk if you aren’t going to cooperate, or ignore what we say.” He searched my face. “The guys who dumped you won’t be happy when they find out you’re alive. Whoever paid them to get the job done, will more than likely be furious because the last thing guys like that want is to get caught.” He paused a moment and touched my cheek with the back of his hand. “Do your best to keep it together.”

I closed my eyes, afraid to take the step into admission that I was in some serious trouble and that my life would remain in danger until this was over. I nodded. “Fine. I… I’ll trust you,” I said.

There you go. 
Now, the book has been out for under a month, but I already have some amazing reviews, so I am happy about that. There seems to be an amusing trend around the book so far. Which is that readers who started reading in the evening were unable to put it down and ended up with either a sleepless night or a very, very short one. Sorry! Although as the author, that is kind of nice to hear. 

Would you like to see what people are saying?
OK, I promise to keep it short. 

It was Amazing
I couldn’t put it down....I was reading whenever I could....at work...home...bed....if I could have brought it in shower, I would have....when my break was up at work...sometimes I got carried away and went over my time...lol.

The action doesn't stop from the first page onwards. It was so exciting, I couldn't put it down. I kept wanting to know what would happen next.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jim and Sarah too and I also thought the mystery angle (and the court room drama) was such a thrill. Keeps you turning pages till you find out what really happened.

Debbie Brown is the next James Patterson with her mystery / thriller writing! I felt like I was watching a movie. I couldn't put down and finished in an evening between waiting at the dentist's office and one more hour in the recliner at home. Very fun read. THANK YOU. 

I'll stop there because some of the others are quite long and detailed (though just as awesome). 

As an author, I like to tell readers that "I have all the answers" -when it comes to my book, of course. So feel free to ask. In the past, I have come across comments by reviewers that could have been easily demystified, had they asked. So...here's my promise to you...IF you have a story related question, and you ASK me about it, I promise to get back to you with the answer.

Back on track here...
In the end what I wanted to say is that had I given up, or not pushed myself to write 'just one more word', I wouldn't be sitting here sharing this with you. I am happy with how my story turned out, and I have a good feeling about this book. Maybe it's nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing that I did it. I finished it, and now I can share it with all of you.

So don't be too hard on yourself. Don't waste time and energy getting on your case for not writing. Just write one more word. In the end, they all add up.

Thanks for listening in on my ramblings!

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