Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Last World Cover Reveal!

Yes,  this is it!
Cp Bialois, author of The Last World, is proud to present his latest release. I have to say, I love the artwork on the cover. So, without further delay, read on my friends....

But first, let me introduce you to the author, Cp Bialois.

Ed White, AKA CP Bialois, is a former retail manager and jack of all trades turned author. One of the original members of the Writer’s Club, Ed currently has five books published and is part of an anthology under his pen name CP Bialois. His first novel, Call of Poseidon, is available in the Broward County Library system. Always willing to help, Ed offers his time to edit his fellow Writer’s Club members’ books as well as help his fellow authors in their endeavors. When not in the library writing, Ed can be found on twitter @cpbialois, Facebook CP Bialois, and his blog

Now if I could, I would have the cover hiding away under a sheet, just waiting for the moment to pull it away in a dramatic cover reveal...but since this is the cyber world, and I am as about as tech-savvy as our pilgrims, well, go on then, have a look.

The Last World synopsis:

Franklin Bowen was an ordinary man with anger management issues until one day he finds himself drawn into something he never believed possible. Thinking he’s lost his mind, he resists the urging of a mysterious figure named Tanok who only appears to him in visions.

After seeing the desolation brought upon the immense interstellar human empire by a virus from a neighboring galaxy, Franklin is forced to reconsider his belief in what is real in order to help Tanok save mankind from extinction.

Will Franklin find the strength he needs to persevere, or will the Earth and its people follow what’s left of his sanity? 

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Twitter: @CPBialois

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