Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Up Sleep

Have you ever had one of those moments where you stop and wonder how the heck you got to be standing where you are?
That would be me, right here, right now. No, it isn’t a bad place to be…but wasn’t it ME that had posted something about pacing yourself? And yet here I am, swept away by a tsunami. I kept saying, “OK, my writing course is finally done, that’ll give me more time. OK, that book has a contract, now to get back to the other two. OK, duties as second-in-command and training officer have been taken care of, so there, I’m right on schedule. OK, basement renos underway.  Zoey’s preschool activities ongoing…” Ah, yes, there’s DH, the house, the dog, my 3 grown kids, cooking, cleaning, and just plain life. Sleep, however, appears to be optional.
Now that my book REBIRTH has its contract, the cover has been decided upon, and things are moving ahead, time to think about the trailer. I still need a cover for Amethyst Eyes 2, and trailers for AE2 and Emma.
Not so bad, right? If only. Remember, there is still this blog, my website, facebook, twitter, PR, promoting fellow authors, chapter of the week, interviews and books to review. Oh, yeah… that's all the stuff I’ve been neglecting to catch a few hours sleep.
I am confident things will level off and I’ll be back in full swing before I know it. Right now, I want to curl up in front of a fire and sleep. Heck, at this point, drop to the floor and sleep LOL.
Stay tuned...because the cover for Rebirth will appear shortly. For those of you who know where to find my website, it's in there. There is still a slight possibility it will change, but it's only slight.


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