Monday, October 22, 2012

Rebirth has a Publishing Contract!

Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing has offered me a publishing contract for my YA Sci-Fi novel, Rebirth.

Chased from their homes in the city by aliens bent on destruction, three teens suddenly find themselves on the run with little kids in tow. As people vanish and buildings crumble, they seek shelter and safety in the nearby Montana mountains. Survival depends on their ability to adapt with nothing more than the items pilfered from a crumbling store. Hovering in the background is the constant threat of being discovered by the aliens, adding to the pressure the teens already feel having no shelter, a limited supply of food and the well-being of three children to ensure. The teens must come up with some creative solutions before the inevitable onset of winter, while attempting to remain “invisible” to avoid capture. Being mature and responsible is no longer optional as they deal with their individual personalities, traumas, and learn to raise a baby. Unaware of the extent of the alien destruction, they cannot help but wonder if all their survival efforts are in vain.

For now there is no official cover art, but I'll keep you posted!

Feel free to join me and Snoopy in doing the Happy Dance.

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