Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where Do You Write?

When I look on internet and see pictures of authors in their writing setting, I think wow, what an amazing place to write.

If I had my ‘dream writing nook’ it would have to have a fireplace, and huge windows overlooking the mountains and either a lake or river. A solid wooden desk and comfy chairs is a must, oh and if it only came with uninterrupted writing time…

OK, back to reality. I remember my first writing instructor. She said that back when she had first started to write, she had cleared out a closet, set an old school desk inside the tiny space, installed her typewriter and hung a bulletin board above the desk. She says that at this point her kids were more than amused with her space. OK, they had a good laugh.

In my home, I have a library where books cover 3 of the 4 walls, there are two desks and the window overlooks the wooded area below…and yet this is not where I write. A leg injury had kept me on the first floor at the time I was writing Amethyst Eyes, and I had a two-year-old that was about as demanding as any two-year-old can be. ;o)

So where do I write? Let me tell you there are days where Kristi’s closet sounds inviting. I am on the corner of the couch, with my lap top on a tiny IKEA table so I can watch over my daughter. When she needs something, it doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of an intense scene…I have learned to ‘hold that thought’, tend to her needs and return to my writing. Constantly being yanked out of story mode is annoying, but on the flip side, I have learned to stop and pick up again with minimal damage. (She has also learned to be a little more patient).

My point here is this…all you need is something to write with. Sure, the fancy writing space would be great, and one day I do hope to settle in my nook, but to be a writer, you have to write. Anywhere relatively comfortable, and if you’re lucky with minimal interruptions, will do. If you can be comfortable sitting on the floor in the corner of the room with a lap desk, then go for it…just so long as you…write.

One more thing, inspiration can strike anywhere, so be prepared. I have scribbled notes on bits of paper using my daughter’s crayons while eating in a restaurant, and even poked away on my phone (which does NOT have a qwerty keyboard) to jot down ideas.
So if not having an adequate place to write was your excuse…put it to rest and give yourself a chance.

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