Friday, February 10, 2012

I Want to Write a Book

I believe everyone has a story to tell, but that not everyone is a born story-teller. If you have ever wanted to write, then write. Without something “on paper”, you have nothing to work with.

There are classes you can take, and websites to help, but on a simpler level, all you need is a pen and paper so you can jot down your ideas.

If you haven’t already started, then get to it. This is the first step, and an important one.

Once you have started writing, find someone to share it with. Be it friends, family, online groups, whatever…because the feedback will be invaluable.

You don’t have to put 600 pages to paper to be a writer. A poem, a short story, an article about something you know and want to share, a novella, a full-length book are all possibilities. Online magazines, print magazines, articles in the local paper, eBooks and books are all places you might find your writing. If you are willing to write, that is.

If you have decided to write a book right off the bat, then I suggest you share chapter by chapter with your critique group, because it’s easier to work on a shorter piece than if you have to overhaul 300 pages at a time. Mistakes made can be corrected and you might avoid repeating the same ones all the way through your work.

So, now that you are writing, allow me to enquire, WHO are you writing for? You would not use scientific terms for a young child’s picture book, nor would you use the language of an eight year old to write for a group of business men. Make sure you know who your intended audience is and write accordingly. If you are not sure, then pick up and read something from the same genre you want to write. Fortunately for us today, there are millions of free eBooks available online so we can do a comparison study. (You can upload a PC or phone app free from Amazon to read on android, PC, ipod, ipad etc…)

Do not be afraid to share your work with your critique or feedback group. Someone asked about the possibility of having their work stolen, and the answer was something like this- the risk that the work of an unknown artist, musician or writer gets stolen are slim to none…what the ‘thieves’ go after are the works of famous artists, musicians and writers…

The fun part about having someone to share the writing with is that you have someone to help when your stuck, someone to bounce ideas off, an opinion when you’re looking for the right word or turn of phrase. Another positive point is when they disagree with something you wrote; you can either change it or stand your ground, deciding what is best for your work. Don’t forget, they are not inside your head…and if they don’t get what you’re trying to say, try again. My favourite is testing descriptions…of course I know what my setting or character looks like, but if my friends cannot accurately describe the person or place, then I have failed at my attempt and have the chance to do it again.

Writing is an adventure in itself. YOU, the writer, get to create people, situations, reactions and whole worlds…so give it a try…and if you don’t have anyone to read your work or answer a question, I’d be happy to help.

So? What will you create today?

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