Thursday, December 1, 2016

Books from Santa

A Book for Christmas? Are you serious? Has Santa fallen on his head? OK, even if you don't celebrate Christmas....a book, as a G-I-F-T?
Hmmm, I might need to think about this...

No, but wait!

Haven't you seen it?
It’s been making its way around the internet. You know, on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Personally, I like it. So here it is:

...Something to why would you want to do that?

Excellent question! Because you see, it is the most wondrous gift of all.

"Something they want," will be quickly replaced by what they really want -come January.

"Something they need," will move over so the  next need can make itself known,

"Something to wear," will be outgrown in the blink of an eye, if not outdated before, but 

"Something to read," will live on forever. 

Wait, hear me out. Just think about it...

A book is so much more than a movie. It's portable, doesn't require batteries, and then there's the fact that you can get inside your character's head. You know their innermost thoughts and emotions. you feel along with them. 
The special effects are as limitless as the imagination, and the stories are more fantastic than one's dreams.

Every time you read it, you notice something that might have been overlooked in the past. Yes, you can re-read a book. This is not a 'one-time' gift.

You get to know and love the characters. You think about them as though they were right there beside you...making you laugh or cry, taking you on the ultimate adventure to save the universe or just sharing good conversation and a comforting cup of cocoa.

Here are two articles that give you 10 reasons why people who read more make better leaders, or how they are more likely to be successful. They go on to list how these readers have better people skills, a wider vocabulary, a more rounded perspective, to name a few. Now aren't these good reasons to promote reading? Your gift can impact a person's life....whoa, profound.

Paperbacks and hardcovers can be expensive, but have you ever considered an e-book? It can be read on one's phone, iPad or PC if the receiver doesn't have an e-reader.

Owning an e-reader means you can carry literally thousands of books with you everywhere you go. With built-in dictionaries and some models who can read to you, this makes the idea of offering a gift that 'keeps on giving' phenomenal. From the very young to the very old, makes it out to be one fantastic gift. (Not to mention the tons of free or bargain priced books offered by authors, just waiting to load up the e-reader).

Taking a trip to your local bookstore can be quite the treat once that spark for reading has been ignited. And it is one that will burn on throughout a lifetime. 
From picture books to comics, reference manuals to novels, cookbooks and craft ideas, there IS something for everyone.

Now admit it....this is something that just can't be beat!


  1. Yay! Books are my favorite gift to receive because I know that each one will bring me hours of enjoyment and years of memories!

  2. I agree! And I really love sharing my beloved books with others (as long as they promise to care for them) just so we can discuss the story together afterwards.

  3. The library was my favorite place for most of my life. Now with eBooks, I am never without a new read. I do have some books on my Amazon wish list....hint, hint to my family.