Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Check Out My Awesome Awards!

I received this wonderful award from the lovely and talented Cecilia Robert, Thank you so much for thinking of me.

 List your 5 favorite books:
This is never an easy task for me because I truly love my books...and I have lots and lots of's a pic to give you an idea.

So if I HAVE to pick 5....
1-Living with Joy
2-Spiritual Growth
4-Cowboy Daddy, Jingle-Bell Baby (strange title, great characters)
5-Pawns and Symbols

5 Fabulous Moments

1-My kids have provided me with amazing moments over the years, from holding my last child who weighed a little over 2 lbs at birth, watching my 3 eldest practice martial arts and obtain their black belts, to seeing my son perform onstage for the first time (singer/songwriter/musician).
2-Working with people who have MS, I developed a program to help them maintain and regain mobility, and during our Christmas dinner, my group (including a woman who had been confined to a wheel chair for 9 years) stood and danced before entire room.
3-Teaching martial arts, watching so many different people (young, old, talented, challenged, boy, girl) learn and evolve. Seeing their expressions when they succeed.
4-Flying a plane for the first time.
5-Sitting with my grandmother on the front porch of her house, and watching her stare out at the mountains and lake. She did this every day, but every day it was as though she was seeing it for the first time. She truly appreciated the beauty that surrounded us.

5 Things I Love

1-Playing music, being part of a band or orchestra, the way the music flows right through you.
2-Smelling snow in the air, and watching the first snow fall.
3-Crisp automn air, wearing thick wool sweaters and being surrounded by the mountains of many colors. Making the first fire of the season...with its wonderful smell.
4-Getting lost in a good book.

5 Things I Dislike

1-Dishonest people who hurt or take advantage of others
3-The double standards in life
4-Cruelty to people or animals
5-Violence, in any form

5 People I would like to share this award with

M.J. Kane
Anna Simpson
Mudd Lavoie
Jill Marie


  1. Thanks for sharing more about you and thanks or the award!

  2. Ah! :D
    Thanks so much Debbie for sharing this with me!

    ps. I am going to the Las Vegas ST Con ^^ beginning of August.
    I'll let you know if anything exciting goes down.

  3. You all deserve it for all the great work you do!

    and Jill, I want to go too!!!! Can you at least take pics and share :o)