Monday, June 4, 2012

Author Gray Dourman, and Woman of the Century

I have had the pleasure of meeting many authors over the past few months. Each one uniquely different, yet in some way, sharing the same path as we make our way down the writing/publishing/marketing path.

Recently I met author Gray Dourman, author of Woman of the Century. Take a moment and come meet him, you won’t be disappointed.

Gray Dourman, the pen and performing name of Graham Wallace, was born in a British Columbia, Canada in 1948.

Throughout the 1970s he wrote articles for West Coast magazines and newspapers covering travel and human interest in Latin America and South East Asia. In 1976 he published his first fiction, a short story in a popular magazine.

In 1981 his debut novel, The Bhudda Stone, was published during his move to London, England.

Over the next twenty-five years, he developed a career in the City of London, writing about banking and technology while continuing to publish in international glossies.

He is currently writing fiction full time.

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Now let's take a moment to get a better glimpse at his novel Woman of the Century


genre: Historical Fiction, Romance word count: 140,500


A woman dies on the river Thames celebrating the arrival of the twenty-first century beneath a spectacular fireworks display. It is the end of a story that spans one hundred years of poverty; war and peace; the support and deceit of friends and family; sudden wealth and the joy and betrayal of lovers, husbands, and children.
Her story plays out against a backdrop of the little understood world of painting and the emergence of modern art, crossing three continents, from London to Paris to the Orient, Canada, New York and back again.
Spanning a century of extraordinary transformation, we share the journey of a woman who makes her own choices and pays for her own mistakes. In doing so she learns that time provides the opportunity for redemption, allowing her to repent of, correct and compensate for her all too human life choices.
It unlocks doors to the secret world of flappers, bohemians, beatniks and hippies; booze, drugs, sex and dysfunctional families. Here we can share the hope of growing up, the dissatisfaction of youth, the responsibilities of middle age, the fear of growing old and the inevitability of death. Somewhere in the mess of getting on with life, we all hope to find something to believe in, some reason to endure.

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or in the U.S. (ASIN: B007QVAPS8)

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 I just want to say "thank you, Gray," for taking a moment to stop by and share your info.

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