Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drowning in Information

One of our great blessings is the internet and its infinite data base. Now, we can instantly call up bits of information, tutorials, advice and lessons. Basically, we have information for every step of our writing, from researching story info, to the basics of writing itself. Of course, once we’ve completed the manuscript we add tips on final preparation, submissions and follow-through along with the marketing and promoting of our work.
We faithfully subscribe to daily tips, blogs and writing sites. We set aside time to read and apply newfound information, but at some point, we open the inbox to find more than we could possibly read in one day…and tomorrow, just as much will be arriving.

I love the sites I have subscribed to over time, but lately all I seem to do is stack information for later. Marketing and promoting my book is taking up a lot of my time and I have less and less time to sort through my once loved sites. Why? Well, because I have a life. I have a three-year-old, a part-time job, I’m taking another writing course which has me writing a book, I’m writing yet another book to go with the one I’m busy marketing (Amethyst Eyes), and I have a household to run…sleep will just have to wait.

My suggestion or advice to you…

-keep the sites you NEED active,

-reference the ones you LIKE, putting a hold on daily emails, (go to them when you have time or need something),

-cut out those that are not part of your present situation.

If you have to spend hours going through your inbox, then you are wasting precious time. Time that could be spent writing, marketing or dealing with everyday life. I guess you can compare it to editing your manuscript…at one point you have to cut away what bogs you down.

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